KMSpico 11 Final Activator Download

Download KMSpico 11

The KMSpico 11 is the updated and recent version that not only serves as an activator for your window and office but also fixes the related bugs. Since buying activation keys is not an easily affordable option for many, going for the alternative options seems more feasible currently. KMSpico is one of the many alternative tools that can assist free activation for window 10, window 8.1, window 7, and window 8 alongside providing free activation to the 2010,2013, and 2016 offices. Given below are the instruction you can follow if you are unable to install this activator or have any other issue.

Before directly jumping on to the features of KSMpico 11 and learning its installation process, it is better to be fully aware of what this activator is all about. Otherwise known as Key Management Service, KMS is the most useful tool for Microsoft when it comes to activating a large number of built-in programs in the computer. KMSpico is used by majority of people as an alternative to the volume license channel software, channeling on the programs, which is not easily accessible to everyone.

KMSPICO 11 Final Activator download

KMSpico performs the exact job of the channeling software by simply substituting the installed license key (Product Key) in place of a volume key license and vice versa. This creates for KMS server, a similar case on your computer or any other device you are using it on, and leads to a product activated against the KMS server. This process explains why KMS is often detected as a malware by the antivirus programs.

How to Download KMSpico 11 Activator?

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If you want to download this software via Softonic or Google Drive. You must try our service. Downloading the KMSpico 11 activator is not a difficult task if the instructions given below are followed properly:

  1. First of all, turn off the antivirus program in your computer.
  2. Click on the link below and download KMSpico.
  3. You will be asked to run and exe file on your computer. This is the installer of KMSpico and you must allow it to run.
  4. After the installation is completed, open the downloaded program.
  5. All you have to do is to click on the red button, after which you will get a notification for your successful installation and activation.

All they want is some activator that they can use to get their Windows Home or Pro version activated.


However, one must know that this activation through a KMS server is only valid for a time span of 180 days and another activation session must be done after 180 days. However, upon installing a KMSpico a self-activation process keeps on working on your device twice a day so that you don’t have to face any lag or annoyance with the products in your device.

Downloading KMS via Gezginler or Kuyhaa or Bagas31 is something you can try our service.

Given above is a detailed explanation of KMSpico 11 activation tool.

Instructions for Downloading and Installing KMSpico 11

Here are a few steps to follow while downloading and installing the KMSpico 11.0.3:

After installation is the time for KMCPico to come in to the action.

KMSpico 11 is the final and the most recent version of KMSpico that allows for the activated MS windows and MS office without the need for its users paying anything. This efficient and harmless software fully delivers its job. Its developers deserve all the appreciation for developing this efficient system and making it available to everyone free of cost. 

The KMSpico’s 11 version, being the latest version, is way better than all the older versions in almost all the aspects. This version can not only work for the activation of your latest windows but also goes on smoothly with old systems and provides support to all known kinds of Windows.

KMSpico 11 is an efficient and a fully updated too you can use to activate your Microsoft Windows as well as your Office products. Any user of Windows and Office fully knows the importance of activation and this tool thus becomes valuable for them. It is due to this software that the users don’t have to buy the DVDs and license keys for activation of the programs as this tool performs the same task automatically and free of cost. The activation of Microsoft through this tool can make you eligible to use all those services of Microsoft that are otherwise very costly.

Is this activator really safe to use?

Even when it is identified as a malware or some sort of virus by the antivirus programs in a computer, KMSpico 11 is not at all harmful or damaging to your device in any way. Its identification as a threat by antivirus software is only because of the process of activation it follows and nothing else. KMSpico is a beneficial, safe, and easy to use tool that causes no harm to your devices at all.

How to work with this tool?

KMS pico 11 allows you to activate the latest versions of Microsoft Windows and Office free of cost. In order to avail its benefits, all you have to do it to install the KMS tool. After installation, the tool will itself tell you about all those programs in your device that you can activate using it. You simply have to follow whatever the tool tells you and your programs will be activated within minutes. This is a very efficient program that will not take up much space on your device and will be installed in a few minutes.

It is better to have a look at the guidelines below before you get started with this tool’s installation:

  1. Since antivirus software and the computer’s firewall potentially disrupt the tool’s working, it is better to close them before downloading the tool.
  2. Go to the official website of KMSpico to download the original KMSpico 11. (
  3. Once the download has been completed, you can carry out the installation process on your system.
  4. After installation, click on the downloaded KMSeldi.exe file and then run the KMS.
  5. As soon as the new windows start popping up, you must tap on the red push button visible in front of the screen.
  6. Another window will pop up on screen informing you about the successful activation.
  7. Now that everything is completed, you have an access to a genuine activator and are a legal user of all Microsoft products. And all these perks came to you without having to pay any amount.

After installation, you are also able to easily register your, Windows 7, Windows 8, window 8.1, Window Vista and Windows 10 in both versions, MS Office 365, 2016, etc.

Why we need KMSpico 11?

No matter whether you are purchasing the license key for all the Microsoft products in your computer to use their best possible features or not, you always have to activate your products in order to use them without any lagging or annoyance. Even when those who know a lot of technology can activate their products in whatever way they like, nothing can compete with the effectiveness of this activation tool. It can be used by even the most common person, whether he knows fully about the technology or not.

Smaller than even 5MBs in its size, KMSpico 11 has a lot of intelligent features to offer for free.  

Real Activation:

Users can get their hands on the genuine versions of offices and Microsoft windows after their activation through this tool since the license look like a real one. Even Microsoft cannot tell if there is anything wrong in your windows and office after you activate them using KMSpico 11.

Limitless Expiry:

The activation done through this tool exists for a lifetime. You don’t have to worry about 180 days’ trials since KMSpico 11 activates the products permanently.  

No detection:

The tool is so efficient that even Microsoft officials cannot tell that you are using an already used and cracked key. Moreover, this tool keeps on updating itself whenever there is a new update available.

Harmless and Clean:

KMSpico 11 application is fully safe to use and there is no harm of malware or viruses entering your system through it.

Totally Free Tool:

The activation through this tools has zero charges for everyone. Moreover, the KMSpico11 never denies anyone for any update from Microsoft.

Irreplaceable Software:

This tool is the only option you can avail for your Microsoft products’ activation when you are not in the position to pay for official windows and Microsoft office programs. The tool is free, secure, and fully reliable and works like none other.


KMSpico 11 tool comes with a fully genuine license which looks exactly similar to those coming with a paid Microsoft activation.  It allows for the execution of every real Windows update, live account, online applications, and numerous other products and features being released by Microsoft constantly. KMSpico 11 tool comes without any limitation and provides you an experience just like the one you would have with the regular activated Microsoft office and windows.  

Key features of KMSpico 11

  1. Automatic product version detection:KMSpico 11 smartly detects the specific version of the office and window on your device without the need of you doing anything. Then it makes a match between the best product key for your products to activate them for a lifetime. All the processes are automatic and run in background.
  2. No expiration:Using KMSpico 11 for your products’ activation means you are now free of tension for your lifetime since this tool never expires and need no renewals.
  3. No viruses and malware:KMSpico is an efficient tool solely responsible for the activation of prodycs without causing any damage to your systems. All the processes are safe and let no malware entre the computer at any cost.
  4. N-Bit Operating System:This tool works perfectly with the 64-bit and 32-bit OS.
  5. 5. No need of additional training:The download and installation procedure for KMSpico is very simple and there is no need of training or extra knowledge to use this tool.
  6. User-Friendly: This tool installs very easily, is simple to use and very user-friendly with a robust working output.
  7. One Click Activation:A single tap can get you the activated version of windows and office in no time.
  8. Completely Free of cost: The tool has no hidden charges and come totally free of cost.


KMS activates you PCs by buzzing back to a KMS server that is sited on the domain network rather than phoning back to Microsoft’s servers. This is a regular procedure for mass activation and is followed to refrain from shelling the activation requests on Microsoft’s servers.