KMSpico 12 Download Final Version

KMSpico 12 is also known as key management service that usually changes a retail version of Microsoft Office and Windows to a version which can be activated without a product key. This is the main solution to the problem in Pakistan where many people tend to use pirated Windows as an original DVD which costs about 10,000 rupees due to the escalating rates of exchange. In many Windows, starting from Windows 10, Windows could be activated just by connecting to the internet but the problem for Office still remains.

KMS has evolved over the years and KMSPICO has emerged in the recent years as a program that helps many users, as well as many specialized workstation owners, use this as they often change their hardware which will result in their Windows deactivating quite a lot.

How to Install Kmspico 12?

  1. Disable Antivirus for some time.
  2. Download KMS-pico 12 from here.
  3. Open .exe file.
  4. Run Install. 
  5. Click Red KMS button to activate Windows or Office.
  6. Done

Download KMSpico 11

The KMSPICO 12 like always brings small improvements over the previous version and isn’t a revamp of the whole client. However, there are risks and hazards of using this as the Windows Defender will interrupt all your tasks to tell you that a harmful file has been found but like I said that is an occupational risk of using this. KMSPICO removes the need for copying and pasting codes and then activating Office or Window and instead does all that by itself by running a short script.

However, another drawback is that this activation ends after a 180-day deadline which in other words means you have to renew it every six months, and with Windows 10 being the last change of name in the series it is obvious that no update will require another activation of the Windows license. Moreover, people nowadays are advised to use Office 365 instead of buying a DVD every three years as this subscription-based service is more of a value proposition and has smooth transitions.